In 2016, BMW, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha formed the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC).  The CMC’s charter is to help improve motorcycle safety.  And in December 2020, the group agreed to extend its work in 2021 in what it is calling “CMC Next.”

The organization will now widen its approach and look at investigating and improving motorcycle conspicuity.  Key to the organization’s strategy is the use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).  ADAS looks at creating synergies between onboard sensor systems and connectivity.

Since its establishment, the CMC has been defining the basic specification for motorcycle-specific vehicle to everything (V2X) connectivity systems.  And on December 11, 2020, CMC reached its goal.  If you’d like to review the basic V2X spec, you can do so on CMC’s website.

Next, the CMC participants will define the essential functional requirements of the V2X system.  And they will reach out to the auto industry and other vehicle manufacturers since the way motorcycles communicate must be standardized.

Since modern automobiles are increasingly equipped with onboard sensor systems (radar, camera, etc.), these systems need to communicate with motorcycles to enhance their improved safety effects in mixed traffic.  CMC believes that tailored motorcycle/car scenarios and tests must be developed and standardized.

Accordingly, the current motorcycle manufacturers in the CMC are encouraging others to join.  This includes motorcycle and automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and other related organizations.  Together, they can continue to pursue and develop new elements for motorcycle safety.

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