Question: When do you know a manufacturer is about to take the wraps off a new motorcycle?

Answer: When they start promoting their new bike’s “story” heavily via social media. And, that’s exactly what we see in the video below:

Look, it’s a pair of hip designers, working on clay models! It’s a true origin story, just as good as anything Stan Lee could have come up with!

In reality, this footage is months, maybe years old. Husqvarna first showed this bike at the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show. Remember? Back Before COVID Ruined Everything? Since then, we’ve seen photos of the bike out in the wild. We’re well past the Clay Sculpture Stage at this point.

In fact, it seems likely we’ll actually see the Norden 901 debut sometime during this year’s motorcycle show circuit (roughly speaking, in late fall). Remember, this is an Intermot “off year,” so EICMA is the only big European moto show … and Husqvarna is not guaranteed to be there, either. KTM/Husqvarna aren’t as keen on the moto show circuit as other manufacturers, so don’t be surprised if all we get is a digital launch. That’s certainly where KTM/Husqvarna seems to be spending their marketing dollars these days.

When it arrives, the Norden 901 is going to be based on the KTM 890 series. Will it be more than a re-skinned take on the 890 Adventure? Hard to say—this video doesn’t go beyond skin-deep, and that’s all we really know so far. Maybe further installments in the YouTube video series above will share more juicy details.

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