For years, TKC70 has been one of the best big adventure moto tyre on the market; some people though, pushed by the great looks and their off road capabilities, were more oriented on the TKC80.


Continental TKC70


Continental TKC80

So, what did Continental do? The most logical thing, probably. Blended the two together and renamed it with the coolest name ever: TKC 70 Rocks. Obviously the new tyre is still considered a 70/30, but with its new and improved rear thread, surely most people won’t struggle anymore to say that this is their new favorite.

The front tyre hasn’t changed much but the rear has a new design and compound, that certainly provides a “grippier” experience on rough terrains, at the expenses of the incredible smoothness that the old TKC70 was able to deliver. It seems that Continental wanted to reach, with this new tyre, a broader market range. The TKC models now cover the whole spectrum of terrains that the big adventure bikes may encounter.
It would be interesting now to test the durability of this new Conti tyre, since clearly the TKC80 wasn’t meant for long travels and the TKC70 was good, in this realm, but not the best. I am looking forward to try one of these myself soon!

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