Once in a while, I’m asked if I want to test products out; if I’m stationary…like the last 12 months because of COVID, it’s easier to say yes.

So with a mix of sitting still and more time than ever to be online because of lockdowns I noticed a trend happening. Group rides or basecamp/ cloverleafing/ cartwheeling, call it what you will. A group of buddies who they know and trust to be virus-free head out for a short trip out to a specific location with a designated basecamp to return to each night.

Breeo has a marketing company that reached out to me and asked, “do you think your motorcycle riding readers would be interested in ‘The Outpost'”? Pre 2020 I would have said a solid no, but now I think maybe there are a few of you out there that might really like this setup.

Cooking with or for a group is never easy when camping, with multiple setups, everybody ready at different times. Would it be easier if you could all cook in one spot?

To have an easy set up that is all stainless steel, made in the USA in Pennsylvania and comes in two sizes, 19″ and 24″ and has a lifetime warranty. The nice thing about this grill vs a standard grill rack is it can be mounted firmly in place and it is height and rotational adjustable with ease. Just remember to have your gloves on so you don’t get burned!

…and it’s only $119

I know a few riders might look at this and see what I saw, a potentially removable luggage rack for bigger bikes where weight isn’t so much of a problem and the pieces can be shared between riders. Or something that packs reasonably small to go in the truck that is carrying the base camp supplies.

You guys get creative with your cooking and actually have something you could also use at home with the family too…


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