If you’re the happy owner of a new Yamaha Tenere 700, but you’re not so happy with the seat, Corbin once again is coming to the rescue. The US-based custom seatmaker just announced it’s building its Dual Sport Saddle for the T7.

Longtime Corbin customers might already be familiar with the basics of the Canyon Dual Sport Saddle, as this basic design has been around Corbin’s lineup for a while. Corbin offers similar seats for other machines like the V-Strom line, the Versys, etc.; you’re getting firm Comfort Cell padding that’s sculpted to better conform to a North American rider’s backside. This is supposed to eliminate pressure points. In the case of the Canyon Dual Sport seat, Corbin also cut the seat narrow, to make for an easier reach to the ground—a bonus for those of us with shorter legs. Corbin also says the saddle is made to give as low a ride height as possible, without impacting comfort. The rider’s seat has a wide, dished shape, with a more narrow section for the pillion.

The seat cover itself is made of leather, with vsynthetic sides and trim. It’s designed to fit with Yamaha’s T7 bodywork and tank; when aftermarket bits start hitting retailers, you’ll have to check to make sure the Corbin fits. Sometimes, when you match up Corbins with aftermarket parts, you get poor fit.

Corbin prices the standard T7 Canyon Dual Sport Saddle at $561. If you want a heated seat (plug-and-play installation!), it’s $746. An Ovalbac Edge backrest is another $298 addition. See more information on the seat at Corbin’s website.

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