“I think there’s a social responsibility to invest in things that matter to society and help put people to work. That doesn’t mean everything has to be that way. But almost 90% of the people you’ve talked to say, oh, no, we don’t do manufacturing. That’s all gone overseas anyways. You can’t keep saying this stuff because this going to break the country. That’s the truth. We’re not balanced enough. It’s good. We need software. We need this. We need a lot of things. But we do need manufacturing” – Erik Buell

Erik Buell, legend and founder of Buell Motorcycles, keeps it real. In this extract from the full interview, which he did with our leader Chris MacAskill aka. Baldy, Erik discusses corporate culture,  business, and how blindsided he was when Harley killed the Buell Motorcycles brand.

The full interview is here:

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