recently published an article on Alternet Systems’ electric motorcycle subsidiary, ReVolt MotorbikesReVolt is producing an electric motorcycle based on the 1930s era BMW R71 with sidecar.  The stated power supply for that machine is a lithium-ion battery.

But Alternet is reportedly looking at new technology to power electric vehicles worldwide.  Alternet announced that it would research hemp as a power source.  With an estimated $96 billion electric vehicle battery market by 2026, Alternet sees an opportunity.

Alternet claims that it has seen increased investor interest in response to its hemp energy storage initiative.  They also claim that the 2018 Farm Act legalizing hemp farming in the US is also driving interest.

Demonstrating green… The Banatti Green Falcon, a bamboo covered electric motorcycle.

According to Alternet, it has engaged Clarkson University Professor Dr. David Mitlin to lead their initiative.  Clarkson University’s website says Dr. Mitlin’s specialties span both renewable and conventional energy topics.

Alternet boasts that Dr. Mitlin is a pioneer in the use of hemp as a clean, green, renewable energy in the form of a supercapacitor.  Mitlin has used hemp bast (the fiber left over from processing hemp) to make a high-performance supercapacitor.

Today’s supercapacitors use graphene to make their power.  But according to Forbes magazine, Mitlin and researchers from the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) determined that hemp based supercapacitors actually outperformed graphene supercapacitors by almost 200%.

There’s a long way to go with the research, but “hemp powered” vehicles, including motorcycles could someday become a reality.



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