Check out this gossip: The Spanish Trail Riders Mag  website says Suzuki is going to revive the DR Big, sort of.

According to the rumour, it won’t be exactly like the old Suzuki DR Big. The original was a big-bore single-cylinder adventure bike, first built with a 727 cc oil-cooled engine for 1988 and 1989 and called the DR750. In 1990, Suzuki big-bored it to 779 cc, called it the DR800, and kept it in production until around 1999. It has the problems you’d expect with a massive thumper. The bike had a reputation for oil consumption, and also was known for having front end trouble while cornering, especially if you’d loaded the fuel tank up.

Despite those issues, there’s a following for the brutish bike. It was the first adventure bike with “the beak” as a styling feature, and it was also the largest-ever mass-produced single cylinder motorcycle.

However, the new machine won’t be a thumper. Trail Riders Mag’s Suzuki source says it will instead use the trusty V-Strom 1000 chassis and engine as the base for the new bike, aiming for a 2020 release.

True? It’s hard to say, but the Strom’s V-twin engine is certainly a reliable platform, and this would allow Suzuki to get into the advanced offroad adventure bike game without spending a lot of money. The current V-Strom 1000 is not meant to go down rugged trails, but German aftermarket outfit Hessler Motorsports has already proven it can be modified into something much tougher than stock. If the rumours are true, then maybe Suzuki’s engineers have been paying attention to Hessler’s work?

Although it’s hard to get advance information out of the Japanese factories, we’re looking forward to watching this story progress, if it’s for real.

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