Mushrooms are such a versatile vegetable, they make great bases for soups, pastas and rice dishes. The most intense flavour actually comes from dried mushrooms, which is great news for moto campers. They are light weight, shelf stable and can be used in so many recipes when fresh ingredients are few and far between. After a week or so in the back country, this meal is an indulgent treat.

I pack my dry ingredients into ziplock bags, roll them up to ensure no escapee peas. It is super tasty, light weight meal for 2 really hungry riders or to share between 3 if you aren’t ravenous.

Dry ingredients packed and ready to go. Just add water.



3 cups of water

1 chicken stock cube

1-2 tablespoons of dried porcini or mixed mushrooms

1 small onion

1 tablespoon of oil

1 cup of risotto or long grain rice

½ cup freeze-dried green peas

100ml UHT cream



In a medium pot, combine water, crumbled stock cube and dried mushrooms. Bring to the boil and set aside to infuse for 10 minutes.

Finely dice onion. Heat a fry pan over medium heat with 1 teaspoon of oil. Cook onion, stirring constantly until softened but no coloured. Add rice, stir to coat grains with oil.

Turn heat down to low, add mushroom stock ½ cup at a time and stir every few minutes to prevent it sticking to the pan. The rice should be just simmering, not boiling.

Continue to add stock until there is none left, add mushrooms to the rice with the final amount of stock, add peas and cook gently for 5 minutes. Check if rice is cooked through, it should be firm but not chalky when eaten. Cook time is approximately 20-22 minutes. Stir through cream and season well with black pepper. Allow to sit for 3-4 minutes before serving.

Serves 2-3 

Creamy, warm and filling


The longer you leave the mushrooms to infuse the stock the more flavourful it will become. Bring it back to the boil and before adding it to the rice.

If rice has not cooked through before all the stock is used, hot water can be added in small amounts as needed.

Check seasoning prior to adding salt as stock cubes can have a high salt content.

Use any leftover cream to make amazing scrambled eggs in the morning.

The cream can be left out, drizzle the finished risotto with olive oil.


  • Milk powder can be used in place of long-life cream. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons over cooked rice and stir through. Don’t dilute with water.
  • Any fresh greens can be used in this recipe in place of dried peas if you have them. Eg; spinach, broccoli, green beans.
  • Vegetable stock can be used in place of chicken for a vegetarian option.

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