Here’s some good news for vintage motorcycle fans (and really, motorcyclists in general). Austria’s Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum is back in business … almost.  Museum officials say they’ll be re-opening on November 18.

Amidst all the other bad news in 2021, we had this story from early winter: The Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum suffered severe fire damage on January 17-18, with the first floor collapsing in the blaze, and many motorcycles lost. Firefighters and staff saved some of the museum’s 230 bikes, but many were lost, including many rare vintage machines that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

With that in mind, the museum’s promise to rebuild sounded a bit hollow. It’s located (as the name implies) on a mountaintop, in an ski resort in the Ötztal Alps. Good luck getting any construction done quickly up there, especially with COVID-19 complications everywhere you look, and building materials priced at all-time highs!

And yet, the museum seems to have achieved its goal, in amazingly little time. The Crosspoint museum is now posting about its re-opening plans on social media, saying it’s good to go for next month.

How did they achieve such a quick turnaround? It wasn’t just a bunch of motivated builders; quick construction alone wouldn’t rebuild displays. Instead, the motorcycle community at large banded together to provide owners Attila and Alban Scheiber (twin brothers!) with new machines to display. It’s an excellent way for owners to share their collections with the world, and the museum needed this assistance badly. Indeed, if you paid attention on social media, you could see these assistance efforts gearing up over past months, and it’s good to see them come to this result so quickly.

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