We’ve written several articles on Curtiss Motorcycles lately.  We’ve covered the re-designed Zeus as well as the new Hades.  Both of these potential machines come with big price tags.  $90,000 and $75,000 respectively.

But according to a couple of outlets, Curtiss may be working on more affordable models.  Indian outlet Zigwheels says that Curtiss is preparing to develop a more affordable electric motorcycle with a price of $22,000.  In addition, they say that filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office indicate a production date of 2022.

New Curtiss models coming?

UK based Bennetts website says that Curtiss’ “Vision 2020 investment document” showed plans for bikes ranging down to $15,000 by 2023.  In addition, Bennetts says that a new patent shows a bike that looks closest to the Ares model shown in their design sketches and is due to have a $22,500 in 2020.

Some potential Motorcycles shown in the Vision 2020 investor document.

According to Bennetts, the new Curtis shown in the patent application has some clever design elements that could save cost.  Specifically, they point to carbon fiber girder forks, swingarm, front/rear brakes and wheels are apparently a similar or a direct lift from other Curtis models.

Price reductions

Bennetts also says that in 2020, Curtiss will halve their prices by producing cast alloy versions of some machine.  They specifically cite several prices of existing and new models.  They say that the Hera will be priced at $45,000, the Zeus at $30,000 and the Hades dropping to $22,500.

Could this be Curtiss’ new “inexpensive” bike?

By 2021, Bennetts says an additional model, the Eros will be priced at $22,500 and a similarly priced Ares being produced in 2022.  In furtherance of lower-priced mass production models, Bennetts says Curtiss is planning to launch four $15,000 models.  The 2023 bikes will be named the  Hercules and Medusa and 2024 bikes will be named the Dionysus and Poseidon.

Are they real?

That seems like a lot of releases from 2020 through 2024.  With zero bikes that are on the road already, it would seem that the above information is quite speculative in nature.  Bennett’s says it found this information in documents Curtiss is using to tempt investors.

While Curtiss’ stated plans are interesting and perhaps exciting, as the saying goes… caveat emptor.


All images credit: Curtiss Motorcycles

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