A German company is offering motorcyclists a chance to easily order a custom-painted motorcycle helmet, with online configuration … but alas, the options are limited, and the service is expensive.

The company in question is Helmade, based physically in Frankfurt and found online here. Helmade offers custom helmet graphics but with several caveats. First, you have to purchase one of the helmet models that Helmade actually stocks (including street and dirt helmets from Arai, Bell, Premier LS2, Nolan, X-Lite and Bandit, in open-face, full-face, retro and modern styles).

Second, you have to go with one of Helmade’s pre- set paint patterns, alpha-numeric options, and colours.

Here’s how it works: To select a custom-painted helmet, I go to Helmade’s selection page:

I select Motocross-style, from Bell. From there, I make the choice for a Bell Moto-3 in the Tempo paint scheme:

Note the various colours I can choose. There’s a wide variety, but I’m still restricted to Helmade’s options.

Once there, I can change the colours of the stripes, or the helmet’s base colour. I can even change the text on the side of the helmet, but there’s not much of a canvas there. Like every other option here, the choices are somewhat limited:

You do have some choice of text style, but you can’t do anything too crazy. Sorry, Comic Sans fans.

Helmade charges $400 for the painting fee, on top of the helmet’s initial cost. For this particular helmet choice, my cost would be $689, plus taxes and shipping. Expect shipping from the EU to North America to be pretty pricey.

Is it worth it? Um, maybe. Custom-painted helmets aren’t cheap, and this is a quick and easy way to get your hands on one, if you’re OK with the limitations on colour, helmet selection, and text size.

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