A French company named CX Air Dynamics is raising funding to develop airbag pants for motorcyclists.  Using a crowdfunding platform called KissKissBankBank, the firm is seeking funds to help it develop and manufacture its airbag pants for motorcyclists and scooter riders.

Airbag vests are becoming more and more common in the two-wheeled community.  You can now buy airbag technology that integrates into a jacket or can be worn separately under a jacket.  Even better, airbag technology prices continue to drop.

CX Air Dynamics pants

The CX Air Dynamics airbag pants use a tether as its triggering system.

Airbag protection for the lower body

However, airbag technology is not currently available to protect a rider’s lower body. Protection for this part of the body continues to be based on leather, tear-resistant fabric, and armor.

CX Air Dynamics recognizes this and is developing airbag technology to protect a rider’s lower body.  They already have a prototype, which you can see on their KissKissBankBank page.

The riding pants slip on over your regular pants by using a zipper system.  Cordura provides abrasion resistance; however, its denier is not clear. In addition, the fabric is also said to provide rain protection.

The pants inflate through the use of a tether, which activates a CO2 cartridge located on the rider’s right thigh.  Once triggered, the CO2 inflates a total of four different compartments located at the side of the thighs and shins.  If you trigger the pants, you can recharge them yourself using a replacement CO2 cartridge.

Pants particulars

The riding pants will be available in three sizes.  But those sizes are adjustable through the use of velcro fasteners.  When not in use, the pants are small enough to fit inside a helmet.

The current funding round will allow CX Air Dynamics to produce around 6,000 pairs of the airbag riding pants.  If you contribute to the crowdfunding website, the pants have a price of €375 ($455).  Once the pants go into full production, their MSRP will be €488 ($593).

Image credit: CX Air Dynamics

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