Want to convert your motorcycle to LED headlights, from old-fashioned incandescent bulbs? Cyron is offering a new series of LED headlight bulbs which are aimed at easy installation.

Why change from incandescent to LED bulbs? There are several good reasons to do so, and it’s surprising any OEMs are selling the old-style bulbs at all these days. For starters, LED bulbs are considerably more efficient—they draw less electricity to put out the same amount of lumens as an incandescent bulb, since LED bulbs lose less energy to heat loss. By reducing the draw on their charging system, motorcyclists can then free up charging power for other accessories.

Quality LED bulbs usually have a good reputation for longevity as well, while incandescent bulbs have their output weaken over time, and burn out more quickly.

However, while LED bulbs are more energy efficient, they still heat up, and require heat sinks and/or cooling fans. This typically results in an LED bulb being larger than its equivalent incandescent bulb. As a result, some LEDs can be hard to retro-fit to older motorcycle headlights designed for incandescent bulbs.

Cyron’s new line of “mini bulbs” is supposed to avoid that, serving as plug-and-play options for most H4 motorcycle applications. Cyron says the new design is somewhat smaller than older LED designs; it loses some of its lumen output as a result, but Cyron says these bulbs can fit more than 90 percent of headlight housings. They operate with no heat sink or cooling fan, meaning you can jam them into tighter spots.

According to Cyron, the new bulbs are EMI noise free (“per E9 standards,” anyway), they have a 10,000-hour life span, and they have 90 percent beam accuracy. They come with high/low beam capability, will operate over a wide range of voltage, and are simple to install yourself.

If you’ve got an older dual sport with limited electrical output, these bulbs could allow you to add some accessories that would otherwise be too much for your charging system—as long as you can live with reduced headlight power. For more details, visit Cyron’s website.

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