If you are seriously, and I mean seriously into fashion, perhaps DAB’s latest bike is your cup of tea.  DAB is announcing that it is partnering with luxury fashion brand Burberry to launch a limited-edition electric motorcycle.  DAB says that it will be a very exclusive machine with only 20 produced.  Get ready for the DAB Concept-E RS Burberry edition.

According to the DAB website:

“DAB Motors collaborates with luxury fashion house Burberry on a very limited edition of 20 electric motorcycles. Created out of a shared desire to think motorcycle as a fashion accessory, the DAB Motors Concept- E RS Burberry edition is the ultimate fashion commuter featuring unique Burberry details such as monogrammed upholstery and visual identity.”

If that’s not enough excitement, DAB claims that the bike is the result of unprecedented collaboration:

“DAB Motors and Burberry’s partnership is based on a creatively driven approach which has resulted in this disruptive luxury collaboration. CONCEPT-E RS, has been designed as a true fashion item inside the Burberry design studio. This collaboration is directly linked to Burberry latest collection driven by The Freedom to Go Beyond .”

City icon

The DAB Concept-E RS Burberry edition is supposedly “Designed to be a city icon.”  All up, the bike is designed to make a fashion statement.  According to DAB:

“Made from monogrammed Italian leather, the seat and grips of the Concept-E RS are upholstered according to Burberry standards.  The bodywork, the front screen and the wheels display the visual identity of Burberry.”

DAB electric

The €29,900 ($34,100) DAB Concept-E RS Burberry edition

But what about the bike itself?  How is it equipped, and what are its features?  From the DAB website:

“Equipped with a 10kW motor and 51.8V Li-ion battery, the Concept-E RS Burberry is the legal equivalent to a 125cc and is easily driven after a few hours of training.”

“The Concept-E RS Burberry edition, has been fitted with Beringer braking system, and Öhlins custom suspension system, both of which are high-end references in their field.”

Maintaining the environment

DAB also says that its custom electric motorcycle is built on a sustainable model.

“A perfect fusion of luxury and sustainability, the Concept-E RS Burberry edition is a high-technology tool, designed, engineered and built entirely at DAB Motors’ factory in France.”

“In keeping with Burberry’s commitment to go beyond in tackling climate change, the bike will generate less waste than traditional motorcycle manufacturing thanks to its localized and tailor-made production process.”

“DAB Motors is using a sustainable model in its manufacturing process.  By choosing a more conscious use of resources, a locally sourced and tailor-made method, the production of CONCEPT-E RS generates less waste and uses industry-leading aeronautical manufacturing to prolong the bike’s lifecycle.”

DAB Ohlins

Ohlins suspension is standard, of course.


DAB provides the following specs for its limited-edition electric motorcycle:

Frame: Handmade high strength steel tubular frame

Subframe: Handmade high strength steel subframe

Front Suspension: 48 mm USD Black Öhlins – fully adjustable

Rear Suspension: Öhlins – fully adjustable

Motor: Brushless DC – 9kW nominal | 20kW pic with regenerative braking

Battery: LI-ION 51.8V / 4.7kWh / Built-in France

Torque: 60 Nm (44 lb-ft)

Range: 110 km (68 miles)

Top speed: 105 km/h (65 mph)

Front Brake Caliper: Beringer Radial 4-piston

Rear Brake Caliper: Beringer single piston

Front Brake Disc: 320 mm

Rear Brake Disc: 230 mm

Bodywork: Handmade composite fiber bodywork available in 2 colors (navy blue/silver) with Burberry graphics

Seat: Handmade saddle made from high-density foam, upholstered with Burberry leather

Front-end: Minimalist front plate design with integrated OLED front screen with Burberry animated logo

Rear-end: LED taillight and plate holder with LED mini-blinkers.

Handlebar: Burberry leather grips, CNC Machined Beringer master cylinders, CNC machined hand controls

Wheels: Front 17 x 3.5, Rear 17 x 4.25 with Burberry graphics

Tires: Michelin Pilot Power

Seat Height: 900 mm (35.4 inches)

Weight: 135 kg.

Colorways: Metallic grey or Midnight blue


And what is the price of all this “exclusivity?”  Why it’s a mere €29,900 ($34,100).

Exclusivity for exclusivity’s sake

That’s a shockingly high amount of money for a motorcycle with a range of 68 miles and a top speed of 65 mph.  And mentioning “Burberry’s commitment to go beyond in tackling climate change,” and that “…the bike will generate less waste than traditional motorcycle manufacturing thanks to its localized and tailor-made production process seems to be a horrendous case of pandering.   Particularly in this case of highly conspicuous consumption.

Conspicuous consumption

When all is said and done, I have to ask why DAB and Burberry even thought about partnering on a motorcycle, never mind an electric one.  Yes, they’ve attached Ohlins suspension components.  And it’s handcrafted.  But there’s little to nothing else on this machine that I find fits its asking price.  And I would suggest that most people will feel the same way.  What do you think?


All photo credit: DAB

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