Within all the possible brands on the market, I had the chance to ride with Dainese for 4 years now. Comparatively speaking, I can’t really say much about the other motorcycle gear makers, but I can certainly say that Dainese stands out for their products in terms of design.

Dainese D-Explorer Goretex Suit

I’ve been riding with the complete D-Explorer Goretex suit through incredibly hot temperatures and unbelievably cold climates. I’m confident to say that, in both situations, my gear withstood an incredible amount of exposure to the elements and some hard crashes with no particular issues.

Both jacket and pants are made of 3 layers: the outer one, made of resistant cordura, is the one taking most the beating obviously. The second and third one are internal and provide waterproofing and heat retention.

The internal layers are obviously removable and can also be utilised as “spare jacket” if you don’t want to carry all the external shell when you go for a walk (that’s what I do anyway).

The outfit is also equipped with top graded protective pads for all possible impacts. The suit comes with elbows, shoulders, back, and knees pads, attached with velcro to the outer layer. All pads can be completely removed to make the cleaning process as easy as possible.

The jacket, which is the preponderant and more technical part of the whole outfit, has two main watertight pockets in the front and two small pockets on top of it. It’s very practical for small items like earplugs or spare change.

There is one horizontal secret pocket at the back, which is practical to keep some extra cash hidden from the main compartments (not waterproof though).

The key strength of this jacket is its ventilation. There are two large flaps that can be completely unzipped in the front. The whole back can be basically uncovered, too. And same thing for the pants, which have those two flaps almost along the full length of the tights.

The two massive vents in front allow a lot of air to come through.

This provides an incredible amount of air to go through the jacket in summer, making riding with gear on not too unpleasurable, compared to other jackets that are completely sealed and waterproof straight from the outer layer.

Definitely Waterproof

Of course, this causes some issues during really cold days. Up to 3-4 degrees celsius, in fact you’ll still be able to withstand the constant cold wind hitting that thin cordura layer, but when things get colder, you may need some windproof layer on top to keep body temperature stable.

In this sense, the Dainese D-Explorer suit provides top of the range features and quality for most of the riding conditions that any rider will find himself riding through.
Highly versatile and resistant, the “3 and a half seasons” adventure riding outfit, made by the popular Italian brand, is definitely one of the best on the market, in my opinion.
Pricewise though, is probably not the cheapest, but sometimes, if you want quality, you have to pay for it.

– Versatility
– Great Ventilation
– Durability

– Price
– Waterproofing could be improved
– Not really for below freezing temperatures (but who’s riding in those climates anyway, am I right?!)

Snow doesn’t scare this outfit at all. Matter of fact you could easily using it for skiing or snowboarding.

Photo credits: The Author

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