When it comes to marketing gimmicks, this is a pretty good one.

For the last few years, Marcello Bencini, manager of Strategic Projects for Dainese, has been working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a space suit for the European Space Agency (ESA.) It’s called the SkinSuit and the goal is to safeguard astronauts against the changes that a long-term stay in space inflicts on their body. Changes like muscles weakening and the spine extending by as much as six centimeters.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet wore a SkinSuit during a six-month stay aboard the International Space Station.

Dainese Explorer Antarctica — photo courtesy of Dainese

Now Dainese says they’re taking what they learned while working with MIT and introducing into a new line of riding gear, called Explorer.

Specifically, they say they studied the body’s “lines of non-extension” to design suits that can go lighter where there’s less strain on the fabric. The result, they claim, is a line of gear that’s impressively lightweight while providing top-of-the-line environmental protection.

G.O. Pockets on the Antarctica — photo courtesy of Dainese

There are three different outfits. The Antarctica GORE-TEX® is for cold weather riding. It has a removable goose down jacket, spine protection, Adapt® pockets that adjust to standing or sitting and upper-chest G.O. Pockets® pockets for gloves or small stuff during a stop. The jacket costs $1499.95, the pants $899.95.

Dainese Explorer Gran Turismo — photo courtesy of Dainese

The Gran Turismo GORE-TEX® has a removable fleece liner, nylon 6.6 high abrasion resistant material, Pro-Armor level 2 armor and back protector and the same pocket configuration as the Antarctica. It’s $1099.95 for the top, $699.95 for the pants.

Dainese Explorer Dolomiti — photo courtesy of Dainese

And finally, there’s the Dolomiti GORE-TEX® Jacket, which has three layers of construction and three different configurations for rain, cold and winter. Front and back have vents. Compared to the previous two suits, Dolomiti prices must feel like a steal, at $699.95 for the jacket and $469.95 for the bottoms.

The Explorer line of suits will be available in early 2019.

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