If you do a quick search for Dainese D-air gear, you’ll see that a lot of it is on sale right now.

The reason for that may have a lot to do with this month’s announcement from the Italian manufacturer.

They’re about to release a third generation of their airbag racing suits and jackets. It’s a full line of new clothing.

And for the first time, women are included.

New Dainese Misano racing suit with D-air for men and women — photo courtesy of Dainese

What’s new in the third iteration of the D-air? Dainese are sort of vague about it — they talk of “improved ergonomics and efficiency.” By that, they mean that they’ve reduced the body coverage to areas of the body “that actually need protection.” That’s an interesting concept. I wonder which body parts don’t?

By reducing coverage, Dainese says the gear is 37% lighter and is better integrated into the clothing (that’ll be the ergonomics bit.)

Replaceable D-air bag — highly atmospheric photo courtesy of Dainese

Also new is that the airbag can be replaced. If it’s ever activated, the owner can go to a dealer and get a new one installed. That’s a major improvement, obviously.

For buyers, what may matter more, though, is the broad range of protective gear that carries Dainese’s patented air bag system.

Dainese D-air jacket — photo courtesy of Dainese

For men, the D-air comes in the new Misano racing suit. Off of the track, the Avro D-air suit and Racing 3 D-air jacket get the upgraded system. For sport-touring, there’s the Carve Master 2 D-air with Gore-Tex.

Dainese D-air jacket — photo courtesy of Dainese

For women — again, this is a first for Dainese — there are the Misano 2 Lady D-air (the first professional leather suit for women equipped with an airbag,) the Avro Lady D-air and the Racing 3 Lady D-air.

On their website, Dainese says we can expect the third-gen D-air to be available in the spring.

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