If you’ve been around motorcycles or motorcycle racing for a while you probably already know about Dainese.  For those that may be unfamiliar with the Italian company, Dianese has been one of the market leaders in motorcycle safety technology for a very long time.

MotoGP riders and road riders have been riding with Dainese leather suits and other gear for many years.  In fact, Dainese invented the wearable airbag 25 years ago and is continuously developing its protective equipment.

The D-Air Smart Jacket. Photo credit: Dainese

D-Air Smart Jacket

Dainese’s latest piece of protective equipment is the D-Air Smart Jacket.  It incorporates Dainese’s proprietary MotoGP developed airbag technology.  Although the garment is called a jacket, it is really an auto-inflating airbag vest that can be worn both under or over your gear without sacrificing protection.

Fully Automatic

The D-Air Smart Jacket does not require any connection to the motorcycle whatsoever.  Its operation is fully automatic.

Using a series of sensors,  as well as a gyroscope, an accelerometer and GPS the vest’s brain samples the riding environment approximately 1,000 times a second.  A Dianese proprietary algorithm then processes this data to determine whether there is any danger to the rider.

The algorithm is so sophisticated that it can sense dangerous situations including low sides, high sides, collisions with objects or other vehicles and rear-end collisions.  And, for the first time with a motorcycle airbag system, activation also occurs in a collision with a stationary vehicle.  stationary vehicle and stationary rider collisions.  If the vest calculates a dangerous condition, it automatically inflates providing protection to the rider’s torso.

The component makeup of the Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket. Photo credit: Dainese

“Sheild” protection

Dainese says its “Shield” is the heart of the D-Air Smart Jacket’s protection.  It integrates proprietary internal microfilaments that ensure inflation is equal and controlled throughout the vest.  Once activated, the Shield envelopes the torso and delivers its protection to the rider.

According to Dainese, the Shield surrounds the chest and back to deliver the same degree of protection as seven Level 1 back protectors.  It does this without having to resort to “hardshell” protective components.  Since there are no internal hardshell parts,  the vest is foldable and lightweight.  You can easily pack the vest into a top box or backpack.

Practical considerations

Dainese also considered keeping you cool while wearing the vest.  Its external fabric is ventilated and air is able to flow from the front to the back of the vest.

Dainese says that the D-Air Smart Jacket provides more protection than seven hard class 1 back protectors. Photo credit: Dainese

The vest uses water repellent fabric.  In addition, Dainese has ensured that the integrated D-Air technology is waterproof so that it will continue to provide protection regardless of the weather conditions.

A long life battery powers the vest.  Dainese says that it will provide more than 26 hours of protection without recharging.

For Touring or Light Off-Road

Dainese says that the D-Air Smart Jacket is best used for on road touring or light off-roading.  They do not recommend the vest for use in enduro type riding.

Easily resettable

Simply return the vest to an authorized dealer if the vest has been activated.  They can replace the internal shield without complex operations or long waits.

The D-Air Smart Jacket is available in six sizes with fit versions for both men and women.  It will be available in July 2019 and carry a suggested retail price of $699.95.


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