We recently told you about start-up electric motorcycle manufacturer Damon Motorcycles.  The Canadian company has unveiled its running prototype electric Hypersport motorcycle.  It features lots of high tech, including collision avoidance and enhanced rider situational awareness warnings.  Further, the Hypersport claims class-leading range and power as well as the ability to change from sporting to commuting riding positions at the push of a button.  If all of Damon’s claims are true, it could become a significant disruptor to the electric motorcycle industry.

Damon enters the European market.

But Damon is making some additional announcements that will likely stimulate further discussion about its machines.  In a June 25, 2020 press release, Damon says that its orders are booming.  They say that orders have increased by 60% since March 31, 2020, despite the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Damon Giraud Kwong

The Damon Hypersport features advanced rider technology, push of a button riding position changes, and the ability to act as a backup power source for your home.

So on this news, Damon thinks that the time is right to push further into the electric motorcycle marketplace.  Damon’s Founder and CEO Jay Giraud is announcing that Damon is entering the European market.

“Our commitment to reinventing the future of motorcycling has been paramount amidst the devastating COVID-19 crisis.  As the global economy slowly begins to rebound, we are excited to open pre-sales for the European markets and offer a safer, smarter and more sustainable motorcycle for the European two-wheel community.”  – Jay Giraud, Damon Motorcycles Founder and CEO

V2H capability

But perhaps the most interesting news in Damon’s press release doesn’t have much to do with riding motorcycles.  It has to do with the Damon Hypersport’s Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) capability.  I can hear you asking, “What is V2H capability?”

V2H means that the bike can function as an energy storage backup and home generator.  According to Damon:

“With 21 kWh of energy capacity, a Hypersport could provide more than two full days of behind-the-meter power to the home for the average 9 kWh of daily power consumption.  The Hypersport’s onboard charger provides up to 6.6 kw bidirectionally to the battery, or to a home or grid setup through a compatible home charger.”

So if what Damon claims is true, if you lose power at your home, you can plug your Hypersport into your home’s electrical circuit.  You’ll then be able to power your home for more than two days.  Interesting times these.

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