Damon Motors continues to grow, with another announcement for a new R&D facility. This time, the company is opening an office based out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Wait—does that mean Damon is going  “full start-up” and opening an office in Silicon Valley? Errrr, the press release doesn’t quite say that. Officially, the story is:

The company has announced the launch of an R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area as well the Damon Lab, a private online community for enthusiasts. Additionally, the company has appointed industry veteran Phil Gow as VP, Power Systems and Bay Area General Manager.

So, Damon gets a facility in Northern California, a new addition to the leadership team … and a private online community, aka, “social media.” The times, they are a-changin’ indeed. Instead of a lifetime of racetrack wrenching or industrial production, new VP Gow has a background working with batteries:

Phil Gow is a battery systems expert with over 25 years of experience working at world-renowned companies including Apple and Google. His career spans a wide range of battery and energy technologies including Lithium-ion battery systems, solid-state Lithium batteries, Lithium Sulphur, NiMH as well as alkaline & direct methanol fuel cells. In his role as Damon’s VP, Power Systems, Phil will lead powertrain engineering efforts with a specific focus on battery systems and electronics development. As Damon’s Bay Area General Manager, Phil will oversee operations at the upcoming R&D facility.

Of course, that’s what you need, if you’re putting together an electric motorcycle company: Someone who understands zaps, not braaaaaps.

Damon’s press release says this new R&D facility will focus on testing, developing and manufacturing the company’s HyperDrive powertrain, as well as assembling and testing prototype vehicles.

What about Damon Lab, which is the official name for the company’s new social media plan? It’s supposed to be:

an exclusive online community for Damon fans, EV enthusiasts, media and motorcycle lovers to connect with like-minded individuals. Damon Lab members will be first to receive updates and exclusive sneak peeks of what’s happening behind the scenes as the company moves into production. It is also a place for Damon Lab members to share their product R&D ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

Don’t expect it to replace Facebook anytime soon (errrrrr, or is that “Meta” now?). However, Damon’s certainly very keen to take control of its online presence, which shows it’s paying attention: The major existing OEMs are all working towards some sort of company-focused web identity these days, instead of opening a social media account and hoping for the best.

What’s Damon really working on?

Cool, cool, but what’s Damon actually working on, besides opening R&D facilities, hiring people, and raising money?

Damon came onto the scene with innovative safety tech, but has pivoted towards building innovative superbikes, with a chassis that changes to fit the rider’s desire for comfort or performance. You can read more about the company’s efforts over the past two years here, and you can also watch ADVrider’s @baldy interview Damon’s CEO in the story below.

Baldy Interviews DAMON Motorcycles CEO Jay Giraud

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