A Canadian transportation tech startup is back in the news again, with plans to debut a new electric motorcycle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in a few weeks.

We’re talking about Damon, a company that came out of nowhere to announce its Co-Pilot crash prevention system. The Co-Pilot system uses a combination of sensors, cameras and mobile technology to warn a rider of a potential crash, supposedly able to keep track of dozens of objects at the same time and using AI to determine risk to the rider.

After the Co-Pilot announcement, Damon went on to say it was building an electric motorcycle that had the system integrated. Damon raised $2.5 million to build a proof-of-concept vehicle, and signing up beta testers. The built-in safety features were interesting, but so was Damon’s announcement that the new motorcycle would have adjustable ergos; the footpegs and handlebar could be adjusted to change from an upright naked bike seating position to a crouched-over sportbike position, allowing the rider to tailor their machine to whatever circumstances they were using it for.

Cool stuff, but would it come to market? Well, Damon says it’s now going to debut the new electric motorcycle at the CES show this winter, presumably intending to drive sales.

However, there are still several question marks. Damon hasn’t revealed a battery range for the bike, or a recharge time, or motor output figures, or an MSRP. We know it will have the Co-Pilot safety system, the adjustable ergos, and will be called the Hypersport Pro, and that’s it. Damon hasn’t announced any sort of practical plan to bring the machine to consumers either. Maybe that will all be explained at CES, and maybe we’ll just end up with more questions. Stay tuned!

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