We recently told you about Damon Motorcycles, a Canadian company that was raising capital for the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) system for increasing motorcycle safety.  Damon had just raised $2.5M from venture capitalists for its system.

Damon AWSM Proof of concept

Apparently, Damon has put that money to use and has developed a proof of concept (POC) bike.  Damon’s POC bike is equipped with its patented motorcycle AI system.  Dubbed AWSM (Advanced Early Warning System for Motorcycles), the system provides a 360° advanced warning to riders.  The system has been dubbed Advanced Early Warning System for Motorcycles “AWSM”.

Damon is rolling out the proof of concept machine at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility as well as major cities on the west coast this week.  The POC machine’s patented collision avoidance system will be first demonstrated in front of “leading founders, investors and technologists who are exploring the future of mobility and transportation”.

Damon first AI warning system for motorcycles

According to Damon’s press release, they have created the first AI-enhanced warning system for motorcycles.  The AWSM  can lock onto dozens of objects 360° around the bike.  The system then reportedly alerts the rider to oncoming threats using visual cues and haptic vibration through the handlebars.

The system’s sensors track speed, direction, and velocity of up to 64 objects simultaneously to “anticipate” a crash ahead of time to give the rider more time to react.

Damon Motorcycles Founder and CEO, Jay Giraud had this to say about the system:

“We built what every rider dreams of: a motorcycle that can adapt to the changing road conditions, perfectly suited for inner city commutes, winding back roads and everything in between. Having a Damon motorcycle means having an upright commuter bike, a forgiving touring bike and an exhilarating sport bike, all-in-one.”


According to Giraud and Damon’s website, the proof of concept machine apparently has built-in adjustability.  Its website GIF shows a rider on a motorcycle with the bars and footpegs moving.  Its caption says, “Go from commuter, to sport, to touring mode with the press of a button.  Because no rider, road or situation is ever the same.”


AWSM testing

According to Damon, an unnamed number of police forces have scheduled test rides of AWSM.  In addition, motorcycle manufacturers have scheduled test rider to consider factory integration of AWSM into their next generation of motorcycles.

Beta testers will also be able to test the machine.  We’ve signed up for a shot at Beta testing.

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