Electric motorcycle startup Damon is taking a major step towards its production plans. In early October, the Canadian company started construction of a 110,000 square-foot combined manufacturing/R&D facility in Surrey, British Columbia.

It’s good news for Damon’s investors and fans, as foundation-pouring is concrete evidence of the company’s plan (pardon the pun). The thing with Damon is, the company has always had big, bold plans from the start, but it hasn’t actually built much. There’s been a series of technically impressive and innovative electric superbike prototypes, and lots of money raised, but no machines actually delivered at this point. If people who’d invested in the company or paid deposits on yet-to-be-built bikes were worried, you could certainly understand why. Failed smart helmet manufacturer Skully set a pattern of vapourware for tech-focused motorcycle companies, and they’ve been followed by others with the same business pattern: Hype a futuristic moto product, raise money, and then shut down.

Damon doesn’t seem to be following that path, with its Surrey, British Columbia-based EV Centre of Excellence now under construction, planned to open in October of 2022. By 2025, Damon plans to hire hundreds of production and officer workers in Surrey, building next-generation motorcycles with powerful onboard artificial intelligence providing safety.

Who’s Damon?

Damon Motorcycles came to headlines in 2019 with bold plans for electric motorcycles that emphasized onboard smart safety systems. We’ve written about the company’s plans extensively (see here, here, here and here). In a nutshell, Damon plans to use 5G wireless systems, cameras and other onboard sensors, adaptive ride heights and other electro-trickery to make bikes that are practically crash-proof and comfortable. See Baldy’s interview with CEO Jay Giraud below, for more details!

Baldy Interviews DAMON Motorcycles CEO Jay Giraud

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