It’s not every day that you come across an uplifting story, especially during the global pandemic.  But some people refuse to let it overcome them and push forward regardless of the circumstances.  Through the thoughtfulness of a co-worker, we now know the story of one such person.

uplifting story

Christian Lorenz Nuñez posted some photos on Facebook about his friend, twenty-one-year-old Ax Valerio.   Valerio works as a delivery rider for a Philippine food delivery service.  It’s a job he does to help support himself and his family.  In an interview with, Valerio is quoted as saying:

“I chose to work so that I can help my family, especially at this time. I can’t stop working and studying because my father suffered a stroke and my mother has no one to rely on for our daily expenses.”

Even more uplifting

And while doing a job to help support his family is quite noble, Ax is taking things one step further.  He knows that to get a better job, he needs to work to better his education.  So between dispatches, he continues to obtain it online.

Nuñez’s Facebook post shows Valerio sitting on his delivery scooter while attending a class.  In the pictures, you can see Valerio taking notes using his phone and a notebook.  He attends two types of courses: synchronous (online) and asynchronous (offline) and also attends a video conference once a week.

“Even if it is hard, I do not want to stop studying. I also want to fulfill my dreams, because for me, I am very lucky that I can still continue with my studies. So I do not want to waste the opportunity and time that I have.”

Ax is now a Junior at Adamson University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.  Congrats to you, sir, for supporting your family during a difficult time and obtaining a better education.  Well done!

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