Dell’Orto, the famous Italian manufacturer of carburettors and fuel injection units, is collaborating with MotoGP and Italian company Energica to assist in the very first eMotoGP race championship. The electric motoGP class will exclusively use the Energica Ego, a 145-horsepower, 570-lb Italian sports machine capable of 150mph.

From this partnership, experimentation on electric engines has grown exponentially. There are rumors about the production of new motors, designed specifically for small and medium-size ebikes, with two levels of power delivery: 11KW and 30KW.

This will allow the Italian electric motorcycle brand (and probably many others, subsequently) to deliver to the public a more affordable and lighter bike.

The market for e-motorcycles is growing rapidly, especially in Europe where sales increase has reached already a 79%, compared to last year.

Other than fully electric bikes we have already witnessed the arrival of the first hybrid motorcycles and scooters, bringing new possibilities and extending the capabilities of the new generation of the who wheels. The future of motorcycle is definitely electric.

(Photo Energica)

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