Remember carburetors? Those old-fashioned air/fuel mixing devices that worked on vacuum suction, black magic, prayers and “jetting” that had nothing to do with actual jets? They also featured easily clogged fuel passages that had to be cleaned if your vintage bike sat for two weeks with fuel in the float bowls. Good times!

You may have assumed carburetors were extinct on most new bikes due to ever-tightening air pollution regulations, but Italian carb icon Dellorto recently introduced some new models that feature solenoid fuel control valves that operate using “pulse width modulation,” which means they threw some modern tech at products they’ve been making since 1933 to bring them up to EURO 4/5 code as it were.

Does that mean you can bring your priceless 1974 Ducati 750SS into the modern clean-burning age plus gain a few ponies? No. In a press release, Dellorto says the new techie carbs are for 50cc two-stroke engines, which pretty much means scooters. The newly patented tech is called “Electronic Carburation System” by Dellorto and the company claims that the tech makes it possible “to be within the limits on polluting emissions, improving drivability in all conditions of use without sacrificing performance.”

Anyone who has cursed the sometimes ham-fisted off-idle fuel delivery of a fuel-injected motorcycle after years of buttery-smooth analog carburetion can be forgiven for hoping tech had brought the old mixers into the modern age. For now, the new Dellortos won’t fit on your SuperTen or GS. But we can always hope the tech can be scaled up for our old Yammie DT-1s and Triumph TR6s.

Get more details from Dellorto here. Prices and availability were not specified.


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