Freestyle motocross rider Kyle Demelo has just made history.  At his training facility in the Okanagan region of Oliver, British Columbia, 27-year-old has become the first person to successfully land the world’s first ever front flip on a snowbike.

Demelo had recently been signed o the Monster Energy team.  He felt that he would need to master the maneuver for the X-Games.  So while there, he attempted to pull off the move but crashed after under-rotating his 250-pound machine.  He was not injured by the maneuver, but his bike was significantly damaged.  He borrowed a teammate’s bike and crashed again, heavily damaging that bike.

Undiscouraged, Demelo quickly set out to master and perform the maneuver.  In conjunction with the Monster Energy team, he returned to his private Camp H compound.  Once there, he proceeded to set up a “super kicker” ramp into a foam pit to practice the front flip.

Once he mastered the move consistently into the foam pit, he proceeded to call a local snow caterpillar crew to make a snow landing area so he could attempt the trick for real.

The result was Demelo succeeding on his first try.   Demelo’s accomplishment is spectacular and is based on his athletic ability and skill.  In addition, the sport of freestyle snowbike motocross is still evolving and new and different moves are likely on the horizon.

What do you think of snowbike freestyle motocross?


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