Not having good lighting is a safety issue.  Many motorcycles come from the factory with lighting that could use significant improvement.  So when you want better lighting to increase conspicuity and provide better vision, what do you do?  You look to the aftermarket for a solution.

Personally, lighting is one of my “things”.  I like it a lot and I want bright, clean, powerful light that’s good enough to take an X-ray with… while standing in the Sahara desert sun.

Finding good lighting

So while we were at AIMExpo, we stopped at Twisted Throttle‘s booth and had a chat with Twisted Throttle CEO Erik Stephens and team member John Ensign to talk about Denali lighting.

Denali D7

The Denali D7 houses 7 10 watt LEDs for over 15,000 lumens of raw light output.


Too much light?

If too much of a good thing is great, then way too much of a good thing must be excellent?  That came to my mind when I saw the Denali D7 2.0 TriOptic  LED Light Pod (D7).  That’s a long title for a simple light, but in its case, it’s apt because this light excels at several things.

This light is a beast all around.  Its 7 high intensity 10 watt LEDs are retina scorchingly bright.  They emit 15,330 raw lumens of light.  Turned on inside the convention center, you didn’t want to look directly at them.  They are that bright.  They are heatsink equipped and use an active thermal management system cool enough to maintain its rated light output.

The optics of the D7 are well thought out.  Denali claims that its optics provide both long-distance spotlight coverage while at the same time providing a 125-foot wide beam of light to illuminate the sides of the road.  For folks like me, that ride in rural areas where wildlife can be an issue, having the extra lighting is an important benefit and a safety enhancement.

Big everything

The D7’s puts out a gigantic amount of light.  To do that, the light’s housing has to be sizeable.  It’s 4.5 inches in diameter because housing 7 LEDs takes up space.  Put the LEDs too close together and heat can become an issue.  Although flames are also a light source, you really don’t want them coming from your lighting.  So you’ll need to be smart about the D7’s placement if you are going to be riding in places where dropping your bike is an issue.

Denali D7

A pair of Denali D7s mounted on a KTM 1090.

Too bright?

If you are concerned that these lights are too bright, the D7s come with DENALI’s innovative DataDim™ Technology which enables the lights to be upgraded in seconds to dual intensity by connecting a plug-n-play DataDim™ Controller) that will automatically switch the lights between half and full intensity with your vehicle’s original high beam switch.

CANBUS compatible

The D7 can be used with selected CANBUS equipped BMW bikes with a special CANsmart controller that is sold separately.  The harness will let you connect your lights and many other auxiliary items that you may attach to your bike and control their functions.

Denali CANBUS CANsmart

This CANsmart controller allows the D7s to be used on CANBUS equipped bikes. It can also control other items.


The Denali D7 has a retail price of $299.  Add another to the other side of your bike and you’re looking at $598.  That’s not short money, but you can bet that if something is out there waiting for you in the darkness, you’ll be able to see it before bad things happen.

If you want to add the Denali 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller, it lists for $239.  The DataDim Controller retails for $50.


All photos credit: Twisted Throttle

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