Denali’s well-known in ADV circles, thanks to its excellent accessory lights for adventure bikes. Now, Denali has a new controller that makes it easy to add accessories to Harley-Davidsons.

The new CANsmart accessory controller is designed to plug into your Harley-Davidson’s diagnostic port (only on recent-model machines, obviously—this won’t work on your Ironhead). Denali says this gives you the ability to control four accessory circuits., with 35 programmable accessory settings. Settings include dim, strobe, modulate and cancel-with-turn-signal options for auxiliary lights, a deceleration-enabled brake light modulator, a flash-to-pass option, and much more. Denali lights and horns have a plug-and-play interface (SoundBomb Horns, B6 Brake Lights, DRLs, etc.), with no additional wiring harness needed. However, the controller will also work with factory accessory lights. It also works with other third-party accessories, says Denali, including phones, GPS units, heated gear. The accessories can be configured to be controlled through your motorcycle’s factory switchgear.

The controller’s management software allows the rider to configure each of the four circuits to control whatever type of accessory they want. Each circuit provides up to 25 peak amps, with a continuous supply of 10 amps.

Denali says the new CANsmart controller fits more than 60 Harley-Davidson models, including Sportsters, Dynas, Softails, and Touring models from 2014 to present. For more details, including a comprehensive list of the controller’s capabilities, visit Denali’s website. The controller’s page lists all compatible models, and posts an asking price of $259. There’s also a long list of accessory lights and other gadgetry there, so you can do some one-stop shopping and start a Covidvacation project when the order comes in.

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