If you’ve ever bought high-end billet bling for your motorcycle, you probably already know about Rizoma.  The Italian company is well known for its beautiful designs for motorcycle accessories.

Rizoma Design Challenge

But recently, Rizoma felt the need to test the waters of new motorcycle and product design.  So they sponsored a design competition called the “Rizoma Design Challenge.  It called for both professional and student designers to create the “Future of Motorcycling”.  The contest featured two classes; Motorcycle and Product designs.   For the motorcycle class, competitors submitted finalized CAD renderings of their motorcycle of the future.


Looking a bit like a mini-bike, the Tryal is the winner of the Rizoma Design Challenge.

Enter the Tryal

Recently, Rizoma announced the winner of the Motorcycle class.  It’s a futuristic, triangular-shaped electric motorcycle called the Tryal.   The Tryal was designed by Erik Askin, Associate Design Director at New Deal Design of San Francisco, California.

Looking a bit “mini-bike”-ish, the machine features a rounded, triangular body with a large battery pack sitting piggyback on the front downtube.  Mounted to the rear of the triangular frame is a single monoshock connected to the swingarm.  Its electric motor sits at the bottom of the frame and provides its motive force to the rear wheel via a belt drive.

Spoked 14-inch wheels grace both the front and rear.  Upfront, upsidedown forks house a wheel with a single-piston caliper pinching a single rotor.  Semi-knobby tires grace both the front and rear of the bike.   Could this be a hint of some off-road intentions?

The Tryal is definitely a single-rider bike.  There are no passenger accommodations.  But at its size mini-bike size, (probably fitting into a 125cc class 125cc ICE) machine, passengers are not a significant consideration.

Approachable for new riders

According to Tryal’s designer, the bike was designed to be approachable to new riders.

“The future of motorcycling will hinge on getting more riders on two wheels. Among an industry catering towards performance and horsepower, the Tryal Bike offers a friendlier approach. Simple, approachable and most importantly … fun, this is a bike that is easy for anyone to ride. Bold colours, clean iconic forms, and fun features such as the customise-able dot matrix headlight, makes the Tryal an exciting new choice for future riders. A modern day mini-moto with 14” wheels, electric drive train, and upright geometry the Tryal is a blast for learning or simply a fun way to get around town.”

The Tryal is not ready for production.  This was after all a design challenge.  It was not intended to produce production-ready machines nor does it look very friendly to ride.   But the equivalent of an electric Honda Grom-like bike that you could commute to work with and then go play in the fields outback is interesting!


All photos credit: Rizoma

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