If you’re a fan of bikes out of Deus Ex Machina’s custom bike shops, then you’ll want to check out the company’s latest book. Titled In Benzin Veritas, the book is a celebration of a wide range of high-quality work.

Who’s Deus Ex Machina?

Deus Ex Machina calls itself The Emporium of Post Modern Activities. It’s a lifestyle brand that sells everything from T-shirts to wetsuits to trucker hats, all aimed at hip customers who want to surf, skate … or ride motorcycles.

Founded in Australia in 2006, Deus Ex Machina has spread over the world, with many regional shops selling gear and clothes in brick-and-mortar shops. Many of these shops also build custom bikes. They’re typically very clean builds, and a lot of them end up on BikeEXIF’s excellent custom motorcycle blog.

In Benzin Veritas: The book

Those custom bikes are the basis for Deus’ new book, titled In Benzin Veritas (that Latin phrase roughly translate to “In gasoline we trust”). The book has more than 330 pages of colour photographs and write-ups describing 86 custom-built bikes from Deus Ex Machina’s shops. Or, as the marketeers put it:

This volume of velocity chronicles bespoke creations from every corner of the Deus universe: from eccentric, one-lung putt-putts to electric, carbon-composite hyperbikes.

Plot the journey starting with our very first café racer through a whole decade-and-a-half of jawdroppers, each beautifully photographed, many artfully illustrated, all wittily described by the inimitable always sideways wordsmith Gary Inman.

Deus Ex Machina actually has a long history of cool scrambler builds, so ADV fans will likely find lots to like, even if they aren’t into bobbers or brats. Occasionally, you see an ADV bike from the company as well.

So, where can you buy it, and how much will it cost?

The book appears here on Deus Ex Machina’s website, but without that important information. It does not appear on Deus Ex Machina’s Books section, which leads us to believe they’re probably waiting for some part of the production/delivery process. Such is life in these days of COVID-19. However, we’d expect it’s coming to market soon, if they’ve started teasing it online.


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