When you’re riding long distance, especially with some off-road excursions. You’re bound to have problems. If you’re far away from your favorite mechanic. Trying to diagnose a steering issue over the phone is not easy.

Here are a few tips to help you figure out the problems and figure out the possible reasons for the misalignment.

But most importantly while tackling a problem. Always start with the easiest solution first. It will save you a lot of time.

So the solutions are listed out from easiest to most laborious.

Front wheel doesn’t free wheel  easily

  1. An over-tightened wheel axle
  2. A misaligned wheel
  3. A brake rotor out of true (if you have drums up front, check  if those are too tight)
  4. A worn out wheel bearing

The Motorcycle tracks to one side

  1. An improperly mounted front tire
  2. Unevenly adjusted right and left shocks – check at your triple clamp mount point
  3. Worn out wheel bearings
  4. Worn out Head stock bearings
  5. A bent wheel axle
  6. A bent fork
  7. A bent frame – there is no easy solution here

Stiff Steering

  1. Low tire pressure
  2. Steering Head nut is too tight
  3. Damaged head steering bearings
  4. A faulty tire

Soft Suspension

  1. Weak front fork springs
  2. Low fluid levels in the forks

Hard Front suspension

  1. A bent axle or brace plate
  2. A bent fork component
  3. Too much fork fluid
  4. Incorrect fork fluid weight

Wobbly Front Wheel

  1. A bent rim
  2. Worn out front wheel bearings
  3. A faulty tire

Noisy Front Suspension

  1. Loose pinch bolts on the t-plates
  2. Low levels of Fork fluid
  3. Weak front springs

Noisy Rear Suspension

  1. Dry swing arm bearing
  2. Over tightened swing arm bolt
  3. A loose suspension, at the mount points

These aren’t everything but are they are some of the problems that are easier to diagnose and will give more information to the person who is helping you out on the other side of the phone.

Got more stuff to add or something to change? let me know in the comments below!

Image:- My Friend’s RTW Himalayan

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