Hot summer days, rough roads, not good fitment.

All this can create is crushed, torn, ripped, gouged, off-center balls or worse balls that get ripped out of their mount!

You did look at the lead photo, right? You do know we are talking about balls for mounting stuff?

Ram products make some absolutely amazing gear and parts, but the one that isn’t of great quality is their Ram Ball Mount, its just not that durable. Over time it either becomes deformed, ripped or torn and in my case doing lots off-road riding they were getting replaced almost every year

So did your balls look like this at the end of this years riding season?

Moto Manufacturing are inmates and the company is owned by none other that Al Jesse, so you know he’ll never put out a bad product


In the category of why didn’t I think of that – Moto Manufacturing did it for you, their Moto Dock is what you’ve been looking for


Male and female mounts, fine and coarse threads, options for any length M8 bolt you want, give them a call and for next rinding season have perfect balls you can be proud of.

Ask your friends to look at your balls, and compliments will come flying in, they will go home and tell their significant others that they got to see your balls and they are magnificent and one day they can only dream of having balls so perfect!


Why does the Ram one fail?

Most of us use them for mounting Ned’s mirrors, who?

Neduro (interview coming soon about a legend of the ADV community) owner of Double Take Mirrors...and soon to be selling them too.

We get into the rough stuff and fold them inwards, most of the time forgetting to losen the clamp, over time this puts stress on the ball part, and they rip and tear. Then we do remember to losen the clamp, over tightening is an issue and if it’s hot they get deformed.

Do the above a few times and they are virtually useless


Get in touch with them, Moto Maufactuing contact is hereĀ 

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