DigiLens and Sena have partnered to produce a new augmented reality smart helmet.  DigiLens produces heads up displays (HUD) for aeronautical, automobile and personal eye-wear.

It’s MonoHUD waveguide augmented reality (AR) display will be integrated into Sena’s Momentum smart helmet.  The new AR helmets will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The Sena Momentum smart helmet will use DigiLens’ waveguide HUD that will allow riders to see information in real time.  It will provide information such as speed, fuel level and navigation.  Connected to your smart phone by Sena’s app, the smart system will also provide the rider with access to their phone, music and other applications without looking at their smartphone.

DigiLens claims the HUD full color display has up to eight hours of battery life when using the daylight brightness setting.

Hinting that the HUD may be coming to other brands of helmets, DigiLens CEO Chris Pickett said:

“Our MonoHUD waveguide display is the thinnest, lightest and most cost-effective waveguide display available for manufacturers.  We are proud to be working with the leader in Bluetooth communications for motorcycle and action sports and bring the most advanced smart helmet to market.”

Also chiming in was Sena CEO, Tae Kim:

“We are creating an innovative and cutting-edge solution for riders thanks to our partnership with DigiLens and Young Optics,” said Sena CEO, Tae Kim. “The DigiLens waveguide display along with Sena’s premium Bluetooth technology, are providing riders a safe and highly differentiated riding experience.”

Sena will introduce the revised Sena Momentum helmet featuring DigiLen’s two layer MonoHUD waveguide display technology at INTERMOT.


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