The Dinaric Rally in Croatia started today with over 230 kilometers of rocky mountain terrain, three special stages, jaw-dropping scenery, and the first spills. The win of the day goes to Croatian rider Tihomir Kotarski, followed closely by Johannes Lukas of the Rallye4U team from Austria.  “The track, especially the first stage, was very hard, but we all loved it. If I had to compare this to any other event, I’d say Albania Rally would come the closest; the views and the riding here are absolutely fantastic. I’m sure I’ll be bringing more riders here next year”, Johannes shared.

Dinaric Rally: Austrian Team Wins Stage // ADV Rider

The female class was dominated by Ines Stanic, a young Croatian rider aboard a two-stroke Beta.

“I had so much fun today, and I’m so happy the bike held – I was a little worried about how would a two-stroke manage a rally. But all went well, and I’m stoked to have won today’s stage in the female class, it’s an amazing feeling! This rally is bringing so many awesome people together, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings”, Ines said.

Dinaric Rally: Austrian Team Wins Stage // ADV Rider

Today’s route took riders across the Dinaric Alps and deep into the untouched Croatian mountain country. Technical sections, plenty of gnarly ascents and descents, and breath-taking views were constant throughout the day. The organizers showed no mercy and instead of a prologue stage, competitors battled it out on over 200 kilometers of off-road tracks and trails. All quad and motorcycle riders made it back to the bivouac in one piece today, with the exception of a quad rider who unfortunately broke a collarbone during a crash. The rider is fine, however, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.Dinaric Rally: Austrian Team Wins Stage // ADV Rider

“These mountains here are tough, and because we wanted to showcase our most scenic trails, we had to add a lot more dirt just to get the riders to the specials. Besides, we’re really focused on safety, and we wanted riders to stay well off the beaten path to avoid villages, cattle fences, and so on, so we tried to route everyone into the wild mountain country where contact with locals and livestock would be minimal. I’m so pleased that both the fast riders and the newcomers had a great time, and everyone made it back safely. Tomorrow is another long day with a similar distance, and I’m hoping to throw some more surprises in!” Perica Matijevic, the organizer of the rally, said today.

Dinaric Rally: Austrian Team Wins Stage // ADV Rider


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