So you’re riding round the world? Awesome. Just make sure to do these things to make life on the road easy:

Stop Often

There’s nothing worse than exhaustion and fatigue on the road, so just make sure you stop often to take a breather. For every hour of riding, stop for some ten minutes, get off your bike, and rest. For every week of riding, have a t least one “day off” to relax, gather your thoughts, and enjoy your surroundings.

Don’t Trap Yourself

Do you really, absolutely must get to Ushuaia this year? Are you sure you definitely need to do 500 miles every single day? What if you camped a little more and spent less money on eating out, which would enable you to travel longer?

We often corner ourselves into thinking we must get to this place or the other, or that our journey must be this or that. But the reality is, it doesn’t matter if you change your routes, plans, or even the destination itself. Being flexible is a game changer on a long overland journey.

Don’t Forget Treats

Sure, budgeting is important, but try and treat yourself once in a while. Whether it’s a lush Starbucks latte, a bungee jump, a nice steak or a day trip to a paradise island, do it! Living on the road day in and day out for a prolonged period of time can start feeling like a grueling march rather than an exciting trip, so balance it out by doing something you love now and again.

See Your Loved Ones

Miss your family and friends? Go home for a week or fly them in to visit you! We live in a blissful age of ridiculously cheap flights (Oslo-LA for $200, anyone?), and there’s no reason why you can’t pop over to your home city once in a while, or have your loved ones come out and see you. You aren’t on some solo RTW crusade and breaking your trip for a week or so to visit home won’t make it any less kosher!

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