Utah in September near the La Sal Mountains at an elevation of around 7000 feet is just perfect riding conditions for a long weekend playing in the dirt.

“…but I don’t know that area!”

Worry not, fellow inmate, there is a small event set up by ‘DingWeed’ at his location built for ADVriders – 3Step Hideaway

“The location is commonly and wrongly perceived to be unbearably hot in the summer because of its close proximity to Moab, but the elevation here is higher by around 2400 feet so the temperature is always around 12 degrees cooler” – DingWeed

This is a first come first served, limited numbers event, called ALPINE RENDEZVOUS
and is running September 26 – September 29, 2019

The 3 Step Hideaway, if you haven’t been – it’s built like a small frontier town, and the owners Scott and Julie are extremely knowledgable about where they live.

You could join a group ride or if you want to ride solo Scott can send you on a 12-mile dirt ride and when you return he then can give you tracks for anything from ‘mild to wild’ depending on how you enjoyed the short test section.

Nighttime will be a return back to 3Step, hot showers, food, a campfire, a workshop to fix your bike if your riding got a little enthusiastic, your tent, a teepee or a cabin will be your accommodation…then do it all over again the next day

…and if you can’t sleep one clearest skies without light pollution you have ever seen

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It’s only a month away so use up some of that vacation time come to Utah, meet some like-minded folks and get dirty!

Give DingWeed a call or email mail via the contact page on the website to reserve your spot, and again numbers are limited.


Alpine Rendezvous

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