Why do we read our favorite ADV ride reports and follow overlanding Youtubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers? For their travel stories, images, and adventures, of course. However, with the entire world entering mass lockdown and people staying put whether they like it or not, all of that is going to be paused for a while. It likely won’t last for an extended period of time – after all, closing borders permanently just isn’t a realistic option. Still, a lot of riders are now holing up to wait the storm out. But are we still relevant while stationary, or do we need to keep traveling to have something new to say?

On the one hand, there are plenty of adventure riders out there who haven’t done any significant distances for quite a while already. For some, that’s a good time to write books, reminisce, edit their videos, get busy with new bike builds, and dig up old stories and images they maybe haven’t used before. Yet before long, if your round-the-world or your Alaska-Ushuaia journey happened four, five, seven years ago, do you still have something relevant to say about what overlanding looks like today?

The world is in constant shift and change, as is the technology we use, the way we communicate, and the way we tell stories. Old content can only be recycled for so long; after a while, hearing about people’s adventures that happened years ago might get a little old. I don’t see iconic books like Jupiter’s Travels or shows like Long Way Round going out of fashion any time soon, but for plenty of other adventure travelers out there, being stationary just isn’t an option.

Of course, plenty of us travel for the sake of travel rather than selfies or online content, and that isn’t’ going to change – thankfully. Still, do you think the better-known, Insta-famous and Youtube – notorious adventurers out there need to keep traveling to stay relevant?

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