Riding for me is not only an opportunity to explore or to have fun. It is also a way of allowing me to be by myself and be present in the moment. It’s also a way to relax, to unwind, to take a break from my life and, why not, to break free from reality for a while.

So when people ask me if I listened to music while riding during my RTW trip, it was quite shocking for me to see their reaction once I answered: “Of course not!”

While it could be convenient to connect your smartphone to your helmet (or to use headphones) to listen to music, traffic news or receive calls during your 30 minute commute to work, I think that on a long riding day it’s better actually to isolate yourself and enjoy whatever ‘silence’ and me-time you can get.

I actually use earplugs while riding long distance.

Earplugs can save your ears in the long run. Photo Credit: yourbestdigs.com

The noise pollution generated by the engine, tyres and wind added to the environmental noise, not only wears you down but also distract you from the road and eventually will give you a headache.

An average motorcycle can generate from 80dB to 100dB, depending on engine displacement and muffler type. According to studies, exposing yourself to 85+dB for a prolonged time will eventually damage your hearing system.

Imagine riding for 4-5 hours with constant noise, plus somebody screaming directly in your ears as well. Definitely not the best at the end of the day!

Save your ears, people! Use your earplugs always when going for long rides!

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