On the heels of his retirement from MotoGP racing, Valentino Rossi has announced that he and his partner will soon welcome a new bundle of joy.

Astute readers will remember Rossi just announced his retirement from MotoGP racing. Of course, this news might have had some influence on that decision. He isn’t giving up racing altogether, however; he will simply dabble in four-wheeled motorsports instead of MotoGP bikes.

Tradition dictates that couples generally announce a pregnancy on or about the end of the first trimester. If they’re holding to that tradition, there will be a Baby Rossi along in the first month of 2022. The couple has already confirmed that the baby is a girl.

Hopefully Vale will follow in his own dad’s footsteps, and if she shows interest, we’ll see little baby Rossi nurtured and supported in her own motorsports career. She will, at least, be exposed to motorcycle racing more than most children. Nobody can tell if gear-headedness is nature or nurture, but she will have both going for her.

Rossi 42, and partner Francesca Sofia Novello, 27, have been together since 2018. They announced their impending family addition on Twitter, with an extremely adorable series of photos. Rossi is dressed as a doctor, with a lab coat, stethoscope and a custom-printed badge. It’s a good sign that they’re already having fun with this news.

Novello is a model, fitness buff and social media influencer, so if you want to follow their story you can certainly bet on a lot of pictures to come.

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