Do you wonder how a modern motorcycle can be built on an assembly line?  Thanks to a documentary on BMW’s German motorcycle factory, you now have a chance to see how it’s done.  The film has some fascinating information on the assembly and manufacturing of road-going motorcycles.

It’s a great insight into how far technology has come.  While robots do much of the work, humans are the determining factor in building a quality product.

Watching autonomous platforms carry partially assembled bikes to each work station shows off the factory’s spectacular technology.   Manufacturing processes are so detailed that some work is carried out while the workstation is moving.

The precision and craftsmanship on the production line is nothing short of amazing.  Tolerances measured in single-digit millimeters are the norm.  Computers monitor most activities, and the results recorded in a gigantic database.  If defects occur, the failure points are identifiable and the processes revisited.

During the documentary, you’ll gain insights into how long it takes to complete individual assemblies.   You’ll also learn how quickly complete machines can be made and the number of machines built in a single day.

While the documentary concentrates on the production of BMW’s S 1000 RR, there are also insights into other models.  Combining different models on a single production line is a significant feat.  All in all, it’s a fascinating trip inside a working factory and worth a look.

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