Some new Batman films are coming, and among fans, there’s quite a bit of buzz being created.  This time around, actor Robert Pattinson will play “The Bat,” and his selection got some fans going.

Soon after that, photos started appearing on the internet of the new Batcycle.  It, too, met with mixed reviews.  Even Batman’s suit is being met with mixed reviews.

Now the latest news to set some fans off is the appearance of the Batcycle with a stuntman aboard.  The bike accelerates through a park and down a wet cobblestone.  The stuntman applies the rear brake a bit too hard, and the back of the bike starts to come around.  To correct the problem, the stuntman he releases the rear brake and the bike straightens out.

Again, the stunt Batman tries to stop the bike with the rear brake.  With predictable results, the rear comes around again.  By this time, the bike is at a relatively low speed.  Another touch of the front and rear brake and “The Bat” predictably and unceremoniously falls off the machine.

To be fair, the stunt double is wearing what looks to be a relatively bulky and heavy suit.  He is also on a wet cobblestone street riding a bike with wide tires.  Wet cobblestone surfaces and wide tires don’t do much for adhesion and the ability to quickly stop a motorcycle.

But this is Batman after all, and Batman doesn’t fall off his motorcycle.  Even when its nearly hit by a rocket or grenade.  So this little video has caused some people to ask whether Batman needs better motorcycle riding skills.  Holy Moto Batman, this is a really slippery situation.

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