I may be seeing things but H-D has a few new bikes, or soon to be released bikes in their IMS line up, the LiveWire, Pan America adventure motorcycle and one that might be overlooked by a lot of people on this site and in the adventure/ dual sport/ motopacking segment.

The bike I am talking about is the Bronx, yet to be released, no spec sheet to ponder over, just guesses at weights is all anybody can do right now, except for knowing it has a 975cc v-twin motor, and penciled in release in 2020

It has an appearance of stripped-down aggressive street brawler rough and tough look to it. Again like the Pan America I wrote about in another article, the Bronx is in a glass case, light and space around specifically set up so you can’t get too close to touch, sit on or get a decent photo.

here’s a quick walk around video to give you a good idea about the motorcycle.

Sportsters have been converted to dual sports before and ridden with good success, obviously as much bigger heavier, aggressive and torquey bikes.

Official photos look like this

Model Year 21.25 Key Features Photography.

Model Year 21.25 Key Features Photography.

Model Year 21.25 Key Features Photography.


So why this title, why mention KTM 950 super enduro?

Someone in their design office looks like they have different ideas, that a street brawler could have a little facelift, stripping of parts and subsequent lightning, see any familiarity? I’ll let you guys argue that one out in the comments

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