One of the funniest scenes in Top Gear history was when Jeremy introduced a Chinese copy of the BMW X5 called the “Shuanghuan S dash CEO HBJ 6474 Y”. Now a little-known Chinese motorcycle manufacturer simply called “Moto” also has their own blatant copy of a BMW, but they cribbed most of the name as well, calling their copy of the S1000RR, the S450RR.

The “450” in the name is, of course, the displacement of the parallel-twin engine in the Moto, putting out 24 hp at 6,500 rpm. While this is slightly less than the 205 hp that the inline-four in the real S1000RR produces, the S450RR does a much better BMW impression when it comes to the bodywork. With a quick glance or a slight squint, the S450RR could easily be mistaken for the BMW, even sporting similar graphics and a direct copy of the “RR” logo on the side panels.

Sure, the headlights are thinner, the mirrors look straight off of eBay (and could very well be the same ones), and the twin front brake discs appear to be re-purposed table saw blades, but the S450RR still sports upside-down forks, hollowed out top triple clamp, and even has their own version (OK, blatant knockoff) of the BMW roundel on the sides, front fender and on top of the tank. The blacked-out frame, black wheels, and single exhaust pipe also look the part, and the raised passenger seat looks ready for a solo seat cowl to complete the Superbike look.

Moto S450RR Cockpit. Credit:

Moto S450RR Cockpit. Credit:

According to, the Moto has a 150-section rear tire, and ABS. No word on any advanced electronics or IMU, but the dash does consist of a TFT display, and the headlights are LED.

While enforcement of patents, copyright, and trademarks has improved in China in recent years, the Moto S450RR proves that the practice of copying product designs has not completely ceased. Whether or not BMW will attempt legal action against Moto remains to be seen, but in the meantime, order your S450RR at your local Moto dealer while you can.


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