A question I get a lot from people is about changing the oil on my KTM 500exc, doesn’t it get old having to change the oil on such a regular basis?

Simple answer, no! A few minutes is worth it for the enjoyment the bike gives me for the rest of the time I’m riding, I have a simple solution that makes my life easier, and really it’s not that hard or time-consuming.

Then I refer them over to race guys who change their oil on a much tighter schedule than a schmuck just riding a dirt bike RTW, it’s all relative.

Looking more at race guys than RTW or other adventure riders this was a simple idea by Bulletproof Designs to help you get ‘virtually all of your oil’ out of your motor when you need a quick change.

Maybe you don’t have time to take off your skidplate between races?


did you destroy a skid plate mounting bolt riding through that last rock garden in that enduro event?


did you turn your oil into a milkshake by drowning your bike at that last water crossing and just need to run clean oil through the system multiple times?

or …fill in the blank?

for the huge sum of $13, this simple set up is worth adding to your tool roll, and is designed to fit –

  • Fits all 2 stroke KTM models 125/150/250/300 2007-2020
  • Fits all 4 stroke KTM models 450/500 From 2007-2020
  • Fits all 2 stroke Husqvarna models 125/150/250/300 2014-2020
  • Fits all 4 stroke Husqvarna models 450/501 From 2014-2020

If it’s not self-explanatory, how does it work?

Andrew from Bulletproof Designs explains –

Change the oil in your KTM or Husqvarna dirt bike without removing your skidplate or creating a mess.

  1. Simply lean the bike over on to a stand or against the wall,
  2. remove your OEM drain plug from the crankcase,
  3. then install our Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Tool.
  4. Place the bike back on the stand or lean over the drain pan,
  5. pull the cap then let the oil drain.
  6. Once all of the oil is drained, simply remove the Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Tool and replace it with the OEM drain plug.
  7. Pour fresh oil in then go ride!


For more simple solutions to keep your bike safe and protected Bulletproof Designs have a bunch of good solutions

Check them out

Website – www.bulletproofdesigns.com

Instagram – @bulletproofdesigns


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