Meet the Donfeng Wasp — a made-in-China learner bike. They plan to begin production in the spring of 2019 — but right now there’s only one example in existence and it’s at the AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

This thing is so new — it got off the ship just two weeks ago –that the Dongfeng rep at AIMExpo was, shall we say, a little light on details.

What he did seem to know is that it has a 300 cc engine (with an unknown range and tank size.) Other than engine size, the other feature that makes it a good learner bike is that it has a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) – it’s an automatic. Upfront it has dual disc brakes.

Dongfeng Wasp

At the booth they guesstimate that it has a top speed of 65 mph and weighs 370 lbs (168 kgs.) The drive? Um, they didn’t know and it’s enclosed. Belt? Shaft? What’s your guess?

As you can tell from my blurry photos, they’ve styled the thing to look sportbike-like — but without the performance, obviously.

Dongfeng has about 100 dealers in the United States and they’ll be rolling this bike out at some point in 2019. The expected retail price will be $3,000. I guess that’s another plus for the learner.

Dongfeng Wasp

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