Amesbury, Wiltshire United Kingdom police recently made an unusual seizure.  After receiving calls of drag racing motorcycles, police responded to the scene and found motorcycles drag racing a… 5 ton New Holland T6 175 agricultural tractor.

In its stock form, the 175 HP tractor has a maximum speed of 31 MPH (50 KPH).  So it’s not clear what if any modifications were made to the tractor to be drag racing against motorcycles.  Nor did police say what type of motorcycles the tractor was racing against.

Unfortunately for the tractor’s owner, allegedly drag racing motorcycles is not the only issue.  Police also reported that the tractor was uninsured and running on red diesel fuel.

Red diesel fuel is not intended for road use and thus incurs no highway taxes.  So since the tractor was on the road, it was not supposed to be running on the red fuel.

One Twitter user tweeted that the tractor in question was “pretty nippy”.  How “nippy” it really is was not stated by the police.

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest tractor in the world was a heavily modified “Track-tor” averaged 87.27 MPH on two separate runs.  This speed broke the previous record by more than 6 MPH.

Whether the tractor has been permanently or temporarily seized is not yet know.

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