As kids, we’re often told to stop daydreaming and focus on school or some other activity adults around us deem more important. But the reality is, dreaming is healthy – especially as dreams often have an uncanny tendency to become plans, and once that happens, we suddenly find ourselves traversing Patagonia on a motorcycle or discovering Central Asia on two wheels.

So, if you had unlimited funds and a year off work, plus the ability to fly in your family or loved ones anytime and anywhere you wanted – if you were independently wealthy and completely free – where would you go?

Dream Destinations

Adventure travel has two components – the means, in our case, a motorcycle; and the ends – usually some exotic destination in some far-flung corner of the planet. Until recently, the trend was to go somewhere as remote and off the beaten path of as possible, like the Far East of Russia, The DR Congo, or Afghanistan. Now, however, we’re all rethinking our goals and our priorities; will we be wanting to go somewhere less exotic, but perhaps spend more time getting there and back again?

Epic Adventures

What makes an epic adventure: the continent, the route, the mileage, or the experiences we have on the way? And if it is the latter, how can we have more of those profound, sometimes even life-changing experiences without having to circumnavigate the planet in 80 days, traverse the Pamirs, or racing in the Silk Way Rally? For some, it may be about earning new skills on the road, or simply realizing how self-sufficient and resilient you can be. For others, it’s all about the people we meet on the road and the connections we make.

What about you? What’s your definition of dream destinations and epic adventure, and if you had unlimited funds, where would you go?

Featured mage: Pixabay

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