Droog Moto is one of those companies that cater to a very specific crowd. Its website “About” section tells you quite a bit about their machines and possibly their customers:


Droog Moto is an online exclusive motorcycle company that specializes in building machines with a modern and industrial design.

M&E build each moto into fuctioning works of art that are designed with an aggressive appearance and performance upgrade.

The bikes are built and equipped to give the rider total control of the unknown.

Don’t get caught without a Droog Moto in your arsenal!  Our machines will set you apart for the rest and make you – NOT LIKE THE OTHERS –

I can understand a company that builds bikes with “modern and industrial design”.  Such bikes could be quite interesting.   Even the fact that the biles are available only online is OK.  Works for Tesla.

Bikes that have an “aggressive appearance and performance upgrades”, well I could see owning a bike with those features as well.

Off the rails

But where things go off the rails for me are the final two claims.  Droog bikes give the rider “total control of the unknown”.  Total control of the unknown?  Unknown as in what?  Zombie apocalypse perhaps?

Droog goes on to tell you/me that we shouldn’t be caught without a Droog Moto in our arsenal?  An arsenal for what?  The Zombie apocalypse again?

Your Droog DM-015 waiting in an abandoned garage during the zombie apocalypse. Oh, and you’ll need a longer sidestand.

Aside from all the dramatics, Droog does have some interesting machines.  Starting with “normal” bikes, Droog modifies them and gives them that “cobbled together” look that you see in the zombie TV and movies.

I must admit, they do look the part.  For the crowd that appreciates this sort of look, Droog seems to have pulled it off.

Droog DM-015

The Droog DM-015 is their latest machine.  Using a Kawasaki Ninja 250 as its basis, Droog changes the bike into a “fighter with an attitude”.  While individual specifications are sketchy, Droog claims a significant number of changes.

A flat black painted steel gas tank sits atop the frame.  The 250cc engine breathes through “a high-performance air filter.  A “stealthy exhaust system is tucked tightly to the motor keeping this Fighter’s line modern and balanced.”

Droog’s DM-015 Intense LED lighting.

Its “modified” powerplant provides a claimed 36 HP and is mated to a six-speed transmission. In addition, the suspension has been “upgraded” at both front and rear.  Just how the suspension has been upgraded is not stated.  But Droog claims that it has “adjustability on the fly”.

The bike’s cockpit houses a waterproof digital speedometer that is “full of modes”.  Whatever that means.  Both the front and rear ends sport LED lighting.  Large block dual-sport tires mounted on solid wheels provide traction front and rear.

Made to your specs

As a final upgrade, your DM-015 will be “tailor-made to fit your specs”.  Upon purchase, your DM-015 “will receive a few additional (i.e. undisclosed) upgrades specifically for you.

Dark and sinister flat black paint.

Droog want’s you to plop down a $1,000 build deposit online.  Then, for $30,000 in total, they will build, ship and deliver your DM-015 to you.

While I can’t say that the DM-015 or any of Droog’s machines is a capable zombie fighting off-road or urban machine, they certainly have been able to capture the movie theme look.

If that’s important to you, then you can check out all of Droog’s different models on their website.  Here’s to hoping you don’t have to use one for a zombie apocalypse.

All photos credit: Droog Moto


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